All you need to Know about Hospital Management



Hospital management or healthcare management is concerned with the coordination, planning, staffing, managing and controlling operations of a healthcare organisation. Hospital administration has emerged as a field with immense scope. The objective of this department is to provide quality services and that too in a cost effective manner. A remarkable growth in the healthcare industry has lead to a great demand for such courses which prepares students to manage variety of hospital operations efficiently. Managers may head entire hospital or be charge of specific department or branches. You need to acquire a professional degree in hospital management that comes under management programmes. Top MBA College in jaipur offers courses in hospital management programmes and emphasis on practical training of students.

Essential skills required

For a successful career in hospital management you should have a service-oriented altitude and the capacity to work for long hours. It doesn’t mean you back off, this is a part of service industry and you just need to adjust with the long hours. Other essentials traits include taking immediate decisions, a friendly approach and the ability to handle day to day work pressure. If you have these qualities and very well come up with the pressure, you can become a good hospital manager.  Anyone who is interested in working healthcare industry can pursue this career programme

Demand in industry

The healthcare industry in India has undergone tremendous changes in the recent years. The private healthcare industry is likely to grow $40 million to $280 billion in 2020. People have become more conscious towards health which had led to increasing in demand for a high quality medical care and facilities.  There is a dearth of opportunities for a management professional as number of private hospitals and clines are opening up every year in the country, which needs highly qualified professionals for running operations.

Degrees and education

You can make a beeline towards this profession after 10+2. You need to study hospital management from a reputed institution such as top colleges in jaipur Poornima University, offers both bachelor and masters in hospital management, the university is also known for Interior design course in jaipurCandidates of any field medical or non medical background can pursue hospital administration/management.  Students in hospital management will explore variety of subjects such as hospital finance, community relations, labour laws, healthcare laws etc.


A day in the life of a hospital manager

Hospital managers act as the central point of control within hospitals. Generalists are responsible for managing or helping to manage entire facilities and operations at hospital. Basically they supervise all the departments of a hospital including physicians, health information technicians, nursing, medical records and more. They also handle HMS hotel management system, which is a type of software used for regulating various departments. Managers create many reports to analyze the effectiveness of different departments and work to reach financial goals and maintain budgets.


Healthcare is one of the emerging sectors of services industries across the global. Professionals are willing to go extra mile to pursue a successful career in the space. As a hospital manager you will focus on the big picture and identify changes to maintain quality services. If you want to serve society, pursue hospital management, being a degree holder you will get numerous opportunities to interact with the needy person who needs sympathy and love from the staff. Since, there are numerous operations exits in a hospital there are good chances of learning internal operations and advancing career in healthcare industry.


5 Key Qualities Of An Interior Designer


Interior designing is the most desirable career path among individuals who are passionate about decorating homes. The field of interior designing ensures a lucrative pay and numerous opportunities to explore. Since people have become more design conscious than before, there is a dearth of opportunities to enhance their career as interior designers.  Depending upon interests, interior designers have a range of career options to pursue, they can work n both residential as well as commercial projects. Professional courses in interior deisning helps student to learn more about the industry. poornima university is the top university to pursue Interior design course in Jaipur.



Yes buddy, you need to be creative for developing unique and desirable interiors. One, who appreciates creativity and love to experiment with new trends, can have a successful career the field. In addition, a designer must know how to visualize the plan or design before putting ideas in front of clients. In short, they should know how to make desired interiors, according to client’s demands.

Management skills

Management is a required skill these days, whether you are an employee or owner, you must know how to manage day to day tasks efficiently. As interior designers may have to work on a multiple projects at once so project management skills are essential. A perfect management may help designer meeting client’s needs efficiently and timely.


 Communication skills

One of the most essential skills in today times, a good communicator is in a demand. You must know how to present your ideas patiently to the clients. Negotiation skills is the second most required skills in people, if you don’t how the art of negotiation, your may lose some important projects.


An aspiring interior designer must have at least a professional degree from reputed college. Poornima University offers both bachelor and masters courses in interior designing, and the university is also counted in Top private university in Rajasthan in Rajasthan.

Automotive engineering, a language of Machinery


Automotive engineering is concerned with designing, assembling and operating of automobiles. We are surrounded by machines all the time; its like machines have become a part of our lives.  Automobile is a branch of vehicle engineering which include elements of mechanical, electrical, electrical and safety engineering. a automotive engineer is responsible for developing, fabricate and test automobiles or it can be components of vehicle. Poornima University, one of top private university in Rajasthan, offers wide range engineering programmes, students also get a practical knowledge through value added programmes like internet clo.   Testing, production and designing are the major parts the disciples.

For becoming a successful automobile engineer, you need to be artistic, creative, and an effective planner.  A systematic approach and an ability to work in a team, these are some of qualities are expected from the engineering professionals aspiring to become an automobile engineer.  A typical professional of this field spends a lot of time in researching and designing machinery systems. Once the planning process is completed, automobile engineers implement their plans and do extensive research. This is a suitable career for you if are creative by heart and passion for machineries. However, it is believed that generally automobile engineers know they want to pursue this field a very young age.. By acquiring a degree from a reputated collages like Poornima University, also the best B Com Colleges in India the chances of getting good opportunities increases.


To become an automobile engineer, you need to complete 12th grade in science stream. You need to acquire a degree in or for starting your career in the industry.Automobile engineer is one of the most essential segments of vehicle engineering. The designing of millions of vehicle is created by these professionals, hence the demand of automobile engineers is considerably high. if you are planning to take this career path,   make sure you have done a proper research, every profession comes with per its pros and cons.  The job of automobile engineer is critical which requires them to work under tight deadlines. This is because they design components of automobile; they have lives of millions of automobile drivers in their hands.  Even a slightest mistake in planning or designing can be disruptive for the whole process. Thus, being an automobile engineer you may deal with undue pressure of deadlines, good luck if you have made up your mind.

Benefits of Earning a Post Graduation Degree


Higher education plays a vital role in life as it makes a person more confident and grooms his personality. Higher education is quite beneficial for under graduates, as it improves job prospects.

Higher education helps a person gain clarity on tough concepts and it helps in improving the overall understanding of the subject they are studying. Masters degree holds a great value in terms of knowledge, clarity and improving understanding of the complex subjects. It also prepares you for a tough job market.

If you want to pursue higher education there are plenty of colleges in Rajasthan offering good education. It is obvious that the level of education of a particular college is estimated by its final placements and its internship programmes. Poornima University offers best engineering placement in Rajasthan. You should consider the reputation of a particular institution for pursuing masters.


Nowadays, prestigious companies are looking for well-qualified candidates who are prepared to face any complex situations at work.  Getting a masters degree will be certainly a wise decision whether you are going for engineering, business management, hotel management or any other course. You can definitely find a better career destination than you expect with a higher degree. Thus, post graduation is an important step for career growth.

Most young people face important questions as they approach the end of their under graduation. Why continue education beyond graduation? What options are available? These are just some of the things that come to mind.

It is true that after graduation many students are confused about their future prospects which deter them from taking the right direction. It is important to remember that the knowledge you gain from the master degree is crucial for your development. You learn a lot about your profession and it also prepares you for facing any complex situations. Get into the top college for your graduation and post graduation. Poornima University, known as one of the Top MBA college in Rajasthan, is a great option to pursue your master degree at.


Post graduation is a good option for gaining skills and knowledge to enter desired profession. This is one of the most acknowledged reasons for people to seek higher education. It prepares you for facing complex situations as you get first-hand exposure of the chosen stream. You get a clear picture of your profession while pursuing masters. In whatever profession you are in, the industry is always changing so it becomes crucial to explore those hidden aspects of subjects you didn’t get to learn during graduation. Syllabus for post graduation is designed in a way that it will give you a broad overview of the subject to students.

Things you need to know about fashion designing


Before you take the plunge into the world of fashion designing, it is important to understand the different types of roles that are present in the industry for a designer. For those looking to get into fashion designing, there are institutions like Poornima University who run fashion design courses in Jaipur. But before you make a choice, here is a list that will help you choose what type of a fashion designer you want to become:


Clothing designers – design clothing for all types of needs for both genders.

Footwear designers – design differently styled shoes using new materials and become the next Jimmy Choo of the industry.

Accessory designers – accessories are vital to liven up any outfit. Learn to design the best handbags, suitcases, belts, scarves, hats, hosiery, and eyewear.

Costume designers – costumes are required not just in period films, but in places like performing arts and television productions. Learn how to make great costumes to make a story come alive.

Once you have picked out the type of designer you want to be, find out what are the duties this job entails:

  • Remain on top of fashion trends and anticipate designs that will come in vogue
  • Learn how to use technology to your advantage
  • Get inspiration from trade shows
  • For your collection – select fabrics, embellishments, colours, or a style
  • Work on projects with a team or individually to create prototypes
  • Market designs to clothing retailers or directly to consumers
  • Get the design into production and oversee the process

To learn how to excel in this industry, look for a good institute that runs a course in fashion designing. For a you can opt for Poornima University that provides the best of faculty, campus, infrastructure and placements in this field. For those looking for something creative and exciting to do, this is the career to be in.

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5 Essential Skills to be a Successful Architect


An architect is an individual involved in the designing of various structures such as house, office building, other sky-rise buildings, and cities (in some cases). We cannot imagine life without architects- people who give shape to the society. But, what is most important is to be a skilled architect. Let’s have a look at the essential skills required to be a successful architect-

DESIGN TALENT: The aspiring architects ought to work towards nurturing talent of designing in them as an architect needs to be creative, reflective and imaginative so as to produce better results.


ENGINEERING ABILITY: In order to be able to lead a team of builders and engineers, involved in the process of construction, an architect needs to possess a thorough understanding of engineering fundamentals. One can learn such dynamics from a reputed architecture college. Poornima University’s ‘School of Planning & Architecture’, one of the Best engineering placment in rajasthan , approved by Council of Architecture (COA); organizes regular seminars for its students to keep them updated about the latest engineering skills, employed in the field of architecture.

ENVIRONMENT AWARENESS: An architect also needs to be aware of prevailing environmental conditions so as not to harm the nature with the construction of buildings and other structures. An architect, thus, is required to be sympathetic with nature.

BUSINESS APTITUDE: Architects need to possess strong business sense in order to be successful as construction is always associated with finances and expenditure. In this regard, Poornima University, the Best B.Com Colleges in India , being conferred with the prestigious award of the ‘Best Upcoming University of India’ by ASSOCHAM; invites industry experts to share effective business skills to help aspirants establish themselves as renowned architects.

LEGAL KNOWLEDGE: An architect must have thorough understanding of legal procedures, and various permits that are required to commence any construction activity. Architects must respect India’s judiciary system, and its rules and regulations.

Citing the above essential skills required to be an architect, we can surely say that architects are true shapers of any nation, who have a responsibility to outline, embellish, and decorate the surroundings in the most artistic and beautiful manner.

Important things you must know about B.Tech


Engineers are the driving forces that make a nation. All the industries starting from automobile to the mobile are all dominated by the engineers. B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) is one of the most famous technical courses pursued all over India or it would not be wrong to say all over the world. There are several fields, which can be considered for pursuing Some of them are computer science, mechanical, electronic and communication, civil etc. One can consider his field according to his interest.


A professional engineer has the fundamental education and training to apply the scientific method and outlook to the analysis and solution of engineering problems. The duration of a B.Tech course is four years. Getting into an engineering college requires passing of the respective entrance exam. You should have a background of PCM (physics, chemistry, maths) in higher secondary for becoming an engineer.

India is a home to thousands of Engineering colleges; and Rajasthan is another emerging state in the field of engineering. Some of the best colleges from the list of Top Private University In Rajasthanare present in Rajasthan. Engineers earn lucrative salaries and have job opportunities in government, corporate, banking and private sectors. The process of getting into a program requires clearing of the entrance tests. The duration of this course is four years and consists of eight semesters in most of the colleges. There are several training and internship programmes offered during the course. One thing to keep in mind is that if you are enrolled in a good college, then you have more opportunities and will be available for in house placement programs. There are many placement programs organized in the final year or a year before that where you can grab a job.


Standing among the list of Top B.Com Colleges in Rajasthan, Poornima Group of colleges is one such college renowned for world-class education in the field of Engineering. Many IT firms are finding this Indian state as their nascent hub for technical advancement. Besides, PGC has been a consistent topper for several years in the list of campus placement records in Rajasthan.

A quality education in Engineering should help students get in touch with their capabilities and train them to make significant contributions in the advancement of engineering science or its applications.