Why study Architecture?

The times are changing, and so are the career choices of the students. In today’s world, not everybody wants to become a doctor, engineer or a lawyer. With the introduction of so many new courses, students now have the liberty to pick up a profession that is as per his interests and at the same time offers a wide range of career opportunities. The courses discarded in yesteryears are now fetching attention due to the developed changed times. The stereotype approach is seldom seen now. Any stream, be it commerce or architecture, holds equal importance and offers various job oriented career opportunities to the students.


Nowadays, a graduate degree is a must after 12th. It is advisable for commerce students to pursue Bachelors in Commerce (B.Com) in the best B.com Colleges in India because of the wide knowledge that the course imparts to the students. The curriculum covers business environment, basic accounting principles and problems, the various laws related to business and above all gives an insight into the practical problems of the business world through training or case studies. Located in Jaipur, Poornima University follows a comprehensive approach that amalgamates the theory and practical, along with industrial exposure for better employability of students.

Another booming industry in India is the field of Architecture! With a lot of start-ups, companies and a competition to stand as the most visited tourist country in the world, every nation is focusing hard on building contemporary and unique infrastructure. With the growing need for architects throughout the world, Jaipur is one place where the architecture is a sweet amalgamation of tradition & modernization. As Jaipur is now advancing towards the commercializing, there is a subtle competition in terms of uniqueness of the upcoming constructions, and hence increased the search for the best B.Arch colleges in Jaipur.  Bachelors in architecture (B.Arch) in recent years has witnessed a lot of inclination because of the dire need of good architects in the business of construction and planning. Poornima University is approved by Council of Architecture (COA) and imparts various courses, industrial trainings and placement assistance to its students to ensure real-time exposure and overall growth of the student.



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