Are you dreaming of becoming an Interior Designer?

Who are the people that carve a name for themselves? Why are some people popular while some others just live a normal life? The path that you pick up once you complete your 12th standard makes all the difficult. Today when someone is ‘odd one out’, we no longer taunt or tease them, we rather appreciate them. Today is an era of education, innovation and creativity. Only the creative minds are successful in making a name in the society. The schools and colleges of today’s time also tries to inculcate new and creative ideas in the minds of their students.


We often hear these days people hiring interior designers for decorating their residential or commercial spaces. The interior designers too design the house according to Feng Shui, Vastu Shastra and modern ways that can give a classy feel to the people living in it! The role of interior designers is today of great importance citing the competition that in the market iof who is better than whom? Hotels want their interiors to be better than their competitors and same applies to the eating joints. The School of Design at Poornima University offers one of the Interior design courses in jaipur. The students are taught the new and updated ways of making a space charming and visible.


Similarly computer is a field which is rapidly growing day by day. Every field requires the use of this technology that offers applications and softwares which can make their work easy and convenient. Poornima University has one of the top BCA Colleges in Jaipur that makes students familiar with the field of Computer and its application by making them undergo a system of thorough practicals and learning. BCA is a course which can help the students in getting good placements in reputed IT firms of the industry.



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