The 3 in-the-trend courses you must opt for!

The times in which we are today are competitive and keeps one on their toes all the time. Today the young people want to earn big bucks but at the same time they want to do something different from the rest of the crowd. A lot of courses that are in trend today are rising in popularity only because of the inclination that the students have towards these courses. Some of the most exciting courses in today’s date are:

  • Fashion:

Gone are the days when Fashion was regarded as- ‘Do you want to become a tailor?’ The orthodox thinking that people had for the course has changed. The industry of fashion rules the world! More and more students are opting for the course because of the glamorous future prospects in the field. Even if you do not want to go for a job, there is always another option for you- Open your own fashion boutique! The course is satisfying, fruitful and extremely exciting. Poornima University’s School of Design offers degree in design to students who seriously look upto fashion as a budding profession!

  • Photography:

When children are born or when they are married off, the memories that one captures remains for a lifetime in the form of photographs. Photography is one of the sought after course these days because of the large amount of money that people are ready to spent on their wedding shoots, baby shoots and event shoots. More and more students are today opting for a professional degree in the field as what was once a hobby is giving them today a livelihood!


  • Animation:

Animation is again a field which is tremendously gaining popularity day by day. Students are opting for animation courses in Jaipur at the School of Design of Poornima University. The reason behind such an increase in number of admissions in the course is the futuristic growth in the field of animation. 3-D movies, animated movies are all over the globe driving people crazy with their styles. Animation is an interesting course that also offers you good financial income.


The above courses are a little off the league keeping in mind the importance we give to a degree of Engineering, Medical or Management. However, if one has the passion and determination to pursue these courses, they experience not only mental satisfaction but also monetary satisfaction after a certain point of time.


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