Why Animation is a popular industry in India?

Whenever we hear the word ‘animation’, the images of all the funny cartoon that we saw in our childhood immediately come in our mind. The ferocious villains, the magical landscapes, the beautiful imaginations and the exciting ‘unreal world’ never fails to amaze us till date. Animation is a course that brings out the most creative side of a person. Today, the wonders of animation have gone much beyond cartoons and films that we all enjoyed thoroughly in our teens. Animation is now used in marketing the campaigns on Social Media in an effective and captivating manner. Companies today look forward to recruiting people who have out-of-the-box animation ideas. It would not be wrong to say that animation in the last one decade has become one of the most powerful tool of advertising.


Why is animation effective?

Today animation is a professional course that is taught in Colleges. The main motive of the course is to make a student competent. Animation industry has a lot of competition these days which can be easily measured by the amount of animated pictures and videos that we see of different companies on Social Media platforms. The School of Basic and Applied Sciences of Poornima University offers the animation courses in Jaipur where the student not only learns the basics of the field but also inculcate strong imaginations. It is however very important to understand the reasons behind animation industry’s popularity:

Animation turns boring into interesting

Today the attention of people cannot be caught with the help of traditional ways of marketing. Animation makes the videos interesting and entertaining which catches the eye of the consumers immediately.  Engaging videos are in today’s time the best way of creating a large customer base.

Sends across the message effectively

Animated videos communicate messages of a product or service with details in an interesting manner. Moreover, the recall value of animated videos is much more than the long ones we watch in cinema halls or on TV.


Animation is a growing industry and if you are creative, imaginative and passionate about the field, pursuing a course in the same is a wise choice!

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