How becoming a fashion designer can change your life?

Fashion has today become a part of our everyday life. It is a budding industry which holds a promising future. The industry has tremendous opportunities for fashion enthusiasts which is the main reason for its growing popularity. A lot of Colleges in India are coming up that teach the basics of the industry to the students who aspire to become designers. Fashion shows have become glamorous today, entertainment industry is driven by fashion and moreover even the common people today do not hesitate in buying designer dresses for special occasions. The rising consciousness related to ‘looking good’ has given the fashion courses the much-needed push!


Today, it would not at all be wrong to say that we are a generation that is influenced by fashion. Daily our inboxes or social media accounts are flooded with fashion tips, fashion news and trending fashion updates. Celebrities round the clock talk or tweet about what new they are wearing and who is the designer behind their beautiful creation. All this sends clearly a loud message that ‘Fashion has added that a pinch of glamour in our monotonous lives.’ Designers are no longer considered tailors! Fashion design courses in Jaipur are on a rise because of the wonderful reputation that the textile industry enjoys not only in India but all over Asia. Students from all across India come over to the Pink City for learning the profession that is slowly becoming one of the best paid industries in today’s time.


“Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds.”

— Coco Chanel

The above quote is true! The market of fashion is growing. The international consumers are ready to pay any amount for wearing clothes or accessories that can make them unique and stylish. So, if you are interested in studying fashion, then the School of Design of Poornima University is one of the Top BBA Colleges in India. Students in the College are regularly given exposure in the form of fashion shows, exhibitions and conferences.

Do you know that there are many ways in which you can utilize your talent once you step out of the college?

  • One can become a designer and can run their own boutique.
  • One can work under a famous fashion designer.
  • There are jobs in textile industry for fashion designers.
  • You can run a fashion blog that can pay you good amount.
  • You can take up job in a Fashion Designing Institute.

The field has a lot of scope. One needs to have passion for the subject as well as creativity to succeed in the profession.

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