M.Tech or JOB? What to choose?

Before opting for M.Tech have you ever looked into the benefits of pursuing the course? A degree in M.Tech helps you in acquiring an in-depth learning of the specialization that you went through in your B.Tech. The Masters degree helps you in gaining an insight of the various topics that your graduation made you familiar with. The benefit of ‘options’ open up before a student in terms of job. M.tech gives a lot of importance to project work. The comprehensive curriculum of M.tech gives a student the much needed exposure of the real work environment.


If you are worrying about whether you should go for M.tech or job after B.tech, then it is very important that you understand the opportunities that come to you before or after pursuing M.Tech! Today there are many respected educational institutions that offer M.Tech. The demand for M.Tech postgraduates is huge not only in India but also in abroad. However, a person must make a choice between job and M.Tech after analyzing their dreams and aspirations. If you are clear headed and want to take up a job, then you should definitely go for one. But if you feel that an extra qualification will give you some extra benefits in the long run, then M.tech is the best choice!

There are many institutes in India that offer M.Tech with scholarship to students who are extraordinary in their field of study and need to be motivated to march ahead. The School of Engineering and Technology of Poornima University offers various specializations to the students in M.Tech:

  • Computer Engineering,
  • VLSI Design
  • Power System
  • Industrial Automation And Control
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Digital Communication
  • Product Design and Manufacturing

A person can also go for M.tech after gaining some years of experience of working in the real world. Some companies encourage their employees by even sponsoring their M.Tech education.

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