Tips to crack Entrance Exams for Engineering

For engineering students, cracking entrance exams is the first and most crucial step towards their higher education. The preparation for entrance exams and the preparation for their board exams go simultaneous. However, some students fail to cope up with double the pressure and end up dropping a year for their admissions. The pressure for entrance exams should not let you panic last moment. Follow the below tips and start your preparation well in exam for guaranteed success in both your exams.

  • Start the preparation well in advance: The best thing a student can do is NOT leave the preparation for the last minute. Start your preparation the moment you start your 12th. This allows sufficient time for both your school curriculum as well as preparation for entrance exams and lowers the last minute anxiety. Poornima University is one of the Top B TECH Colleges in jaipur, which offers detailed guidance on admissions and advanced curriculum for engineering courses.
  • Make internet your best friend: Internet is an ocean of information. Although nothing can supplement books, you can find uncountable reference materials for basic, intermediate and advance level understanding. Find online tutorials and videos for adequate understanding.
  • Two is better than one: This is one of the best practices for sharing and improving memory. Teach what you’re good at to your partner and learn from him everything he is good at. It can help you both exchange knowledge and helps remember things longer.
  • Stress on Problem solving than lengthy answers: Do not waste time reciting or writing lengthy answers. Practice on analyzing/understanding the question and answer to the point.
  • Practice Mock Test papers: Throughout the year, practice mock test papers and allocate yourself a deadline. Half of the students lose marks only because they run short on time. Poornima University, one of the jaipur University offers Free JEE mock test papers for practice to help you excel in your entrance exams.
  • Leave the last days for doubts: The last 2 months should only be used to clear doubts and mock test papers. If there is something you do not understand, no matter how big or small, do not hesitate to talk to your faculty or tutors. Skipping the doubts only add to your last minute fear.

Just relax, leave all the books and stress aside on the last day before your exams. Involve yourself in your favourite sport or whatever calms you down as only a calm mind can help you to crack the exam.

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