Most of you aim to have a flourishing career with very good take home salary every month. And in this aspiration, most of the youngsters see MBA as a shortcut to a successful career. Get enrolled in a good MBA college and come out with flying colours and a great offer letter from a renowned Multinational after two years; this is what goes into the minds of many when they step out of their graduation college.


If you feel the same way then you are certainly building a castle in the air. Firstly if you will take admission in any course and this is not restricted to MBA, without passion and interest you will end up getting nowhere forget alone making it big in that field. The foremost requirement is your attitude and acumen for that subject.

No course is easy or tough if you as the toughest of battles will seem easy if you are well prepared. On the contrary, the easiest of work will seem to be an uphill task if you are undertaking it reluctantly.

So, firstly figure out what exactly entices you? Which is your area of interest where you can give your best shot? Some of the top MBA colleges in Jaipur Rajasthan conduct such counselling sessions for the young minds who are often in a dilemma before making a career choice. Such workshops give clarity to the learners regarding their areas of interest. The mentors that guide them are industry professionals and counsellors that are experts in their fields.


One such Jaipur University that frequently conducts such motivational and career counselling lectures is Poornima University. The faculty of the varsity help the students take a wise decision regarding their career goals.

It is absolutely incorrect to claim that an MBA degree no matter what will be a ticket to the world of success in the profession. The course no doubt prepares students well to suit job market but doesn’t provide a guarantee of a kickass career.

It totally depends on the student whether her/his career graph will see a rise or will deteriorate over the period of time.






While you prepare your mind to go for the prestigious MBA entrance exams one question that repeatedly strikes you is When should you pursue MBA i.e. is it better to go for it without work-ex or should you work for a couple of years before landing into a good MBA college?

In the midst of such confusion you often seek help of mature minds. But, there is a difference of opinion when you will ask others. Some would insist on gaining some work experience before sitting for MBA exams. Others on the contrary would encourage you to go for it without prior experience.


Whatever the case may be, both type of people get into MBA colleges. There is no hard and fast rule that either of the two categories will be benefitted more than the other after MBA. Those of you who are worrying about losing on some valuable marks during the selection process due to lack of work-ex, please note that every MBA college has a batch with a fine blend of fresher graduates as well as experienced people. This holds true for premier top universities for MBA as well. Secondly, fresh graduates stepping out of their graduation college make it in large numbers to MBA institutes without having an edge of work-ex in their portfolio.


Talking about the placement scenario; though some companies do offer a higher pay package to the experienced people and might provide designation at a level up in comparison to that offered to a fresher. But, this trend is not commonly found. People without work experience are not at a loss, as companies look out for candidates that have desired skill-set and who can add value to their organisations.

Another important factor is that pre-MBA work experience is restricted in terms of exposure. Further, they are mostly on project basis that are mostly at a very low designation. On the other hand, work experience post MBA is at a higher designation with more decision making power. It is due to this that the Interior design courses in jaipur, including Poornima University of Jaipur have a gruelling and rigorous MBA curriculum so that the students will not feel alienated in the industry during day to day functioning. Also, their knowledge will be in line with the nature of work post MBA.

Therefore, if a student doesn’t have prior work experience, despite that she/he should sit for MBA exams without worrying much. The reason is that MBA degree holds a bright career ahead for all whether a fresh graduate or an experienced person.