So, finally, you have a B.com degree to add to your resume. Whether you have scored nicely or just managed to get passing marks is not a matter of concern for many recruiters (of course it is for some!) But the major focus of all the employers is that whether you will be able to add value to their organisation? And this is the reason why Human Resource Managers throw a volley of questions at you during an interview. The major question that often leaves you answerless is this; Why should we hire you?


Well! It is not a very easy question to answer for a fresh Commerce graduate who has absolutely no prior industrial experience except the summer training. Hold on!  You do not have to develop tonnes of tension. The recruiters are also well aware of the fact that you are naive to the industry and therefore cannot start providing brilliant ideas from the very first day of your joining. Thus, they mostly look out for the following traits in you:

  • Confidence
  • Subject-knowledge
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Flexibility to work in a team
  • Open mindedness
  • Receptiveness

Before you actually face the real interview rounds of a company during your placement process, it is always good to go for mock-interviews. The top B.com colleges in India groom students well before they sit for final placements. The subject matter experts guide their pupils about the interview questions that can be asked. Also, they arrange for simulation activities related with the course as well as mock group discussions.

Talking about the career prospects of a B.com graduate, one can go for the following fields:

  • Accounting,
  • Taxation
  • Banking and Finance,
  • Auditing, etc.

There are innumerable other jobs that you can take up after completing B.com. Poornima University; a prestigious top b tech college in jaipur holds campus placement program every year and many top recruiters visit the varsity to hire talent from the pool of B.com graduates.


Thus, Commerce graduates have very good job prospects and there is a multitude of employment opportunities related to this domain. Hence, we cannot underestimate a B.com degree as it opens the door to a bright future.

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