with job Tips to Crack a Job During Campus Placements?


B.Tech (Bachelors of Technology) is the most sought-after professional course. The best part about pursuing this course is that it provides you diverse options for setting your career on the right path.


If due to some reasons, you were not able to appear/clear entrance exams, then some good colleges also offer direct admissions on the basis of your Senior Secondary (12th) Exam Scores. India is replete with some of the best engineering colleges that provide young aspirants with a second chance to realize their dream of getting admission in B. Tech program. Rajasthan is one such state which is a hub of such engineering colleges providing world-class education. So, if you fail to clear/appear entrance exams due to some unfortunate reasons, don’t lose hope as you can easily get Direct B Tech Admission In Rajasthan on a condition that you score well in your 12th standard science stream.

Let’s have a look at campus placements and how to crack it.

  1. Grades: During the course, work well on your marks as the recruitment companies set a certain minimum percentage for appearing in their placement exams. Apart from getting job at top-notch company, your scores also help you take admission in M. Tech program. Pursuing Tech with job
  2. is quite common nowadays.
  1. Written Tests: It is important to start practicing aptitude, reasoning and English objective question as early as possible. The early you start practicing the better will be your speed and you will easily crack the written test.
  1. Group Discussion: Group Discussion involves a debate on a certain given topic. You need to be very attentive during this round. You need to mark your existence by giving inputs on that topic. Try to speak relevant things and leave a positive impression on the interviewers.
  1. Technical Interview: This is the next step for clinching the job. Be very thorough with the basics of your subjects. They generally test your basic knowledge with some technical questions pertaining to your field.
  1. Personal Interview: The last and the final step will be a personal interview where they will be asking you generic questions. Keep working on your communication skills and try practicing mock i terviews with your friends or other acquaintances.

Once you get a job then just go ahead and start riding up the professional ladder of success!





Why Choose a career in Fashion Designing


Many creative students long to pursue a career which is original, artistic and trendy! Some of them (unconsciously) begin their own training since childhood by designing their own dresses or accessories and get unknowingly enter the world of amateur yet talented designers.


What matters in this competitive world of vogue is if your talent and uniqueness will let you standout and let you mark your presence! Fashion designing as a career offers a wide range of professional roles to opt from: such as fashion designer, fashion photographer, sample machinist and pattern graders, and so on. It is important to know which course would you best fit in.

Poornima University, known for their industry-oriented Interior design course in jaipur can  prove to be a life changing opportunity by guiding you how, where and when to apply your talent to achieve the best possible outcomes. Fashion designing gives you the much needed opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and challenge you to grow/prove your worth as per rotating and fading trends.

Those who love to design but are not necessarily inclined towards fashion clothing can opt for courses in Interior designing. IF you are fond of constant changes to the look of your household, this is the right choice for you! All you need is to have a good sense of colors, contrast, and challenge your creativity and imagination. Poornima University, an award winning university for Best B Tech Colleges In Jaipur helps nurture the elementary skills required in this field.


Successful completion of the interior design courses provide you with various lucrative opportunity for self-employment and will widen up your career options like in architectural firms and construction companies, interior design companies, and events management companies, consultancies offering a wide portfolio of design services, retailers etc Other may include working as an exhibition designer, as a set designer for theater, and much more.