Tips on finding a job after Graduation

The four years of bachelors degree of engineering involves a lot of hard labour and determination.After the completion of  engineering a stage is set for your professional career.You will start working where ever you get placed.The point of reference is ‘where you are placed’ and where you actually wanted to be . Everyone wants to get into a big shot company but they might end up at a place where they are not satisfied enough.

Being professionally satisfied is something that every working individual dreams about. But are we all satisfied with our jobs, salaries, company or positions? We often end up saying ‘NO’. Getting B tech admission without jee might be the first stepping stone towards success. Poornima University, awarded as the Best Upcoming university by ASSOCHOM, offers scholarship to meritorious students and also 100% admissions through JEE/REAP.

Let us discuss points that you can consider if you want to get into a big company from a smaller firm.

  • Knowledge: You should always keep updating your knowledge domain and try to work on new and latest technologies. You should keep yourself updated about the latest market trends. An advantage of small firm is that you get more work to do and you have better opportunities to explore. You just need to make maximum use of it.
  • References: We often tend to ignore this fact that references help. Big shot companies find easiest ways to shortlist the candidates.They don’t go through plethora of resumes and their vacancies often get filled up internally through their employees references.It is very important that you make connection through your friends ,acquaintances and professional social network sites like LinkedIn. It allows users to connect through their common professional backgrounds and people of various companies.
  • New technologies : One thing that can be considered is to learn new technology skills that offer better job opportunities.You can study about what are the various technical skill that your company is looking for, you can start working towards it and it might help you to get a job at big firm.
  • Higher degree: One option that you can consider is getting a higher degree. Go for specialisation courses through masters or There are many good colleges that offer tech with job assistance. It might help you to climb up the ladder of good opportunities.


Besides this, Certifications also play an important role while looking for a job. If your dream company needs certifications for your job then go for it. Clear the various levels of certifications that prove your credibility in that sphere and technical domain.It may give you an edge amongst your peers.

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