Major Tasks of Civil Engineer

Civil Engineering is an important discipline of Engineering that deals with the designing, construction and maintenance of structures such as building, roads, highways, dams, bridges, etc. Civil Engineers are required to be extremely careful while construction of a particular structure as even a slight mistake can claim countless innocent lives. Let’s have a quick look at some of the major tasks undertaken by Civil Engineers as part of their job-

  • Quality Control: The primary task of a Civil Engineer is to ensure good quality of the material used in the construction of various structures. Concrete should be mixed in accordance with the specified grade. One can learn the intricacies involved in the maintenance of quality control at the undergraduate level itself through various Industrial Visits. Poornima University-the top private University in Rajasthan, being conferred with the prestigious award of ‘Best Upcoming University of India’ by honorable ASSOCHAM; organizes a myriad of Industrial Visits to help its students gain hands-on experience in their specialized fields.
  • Site Inspection: Another important task of a Civil Engineer is to inspect the construction site with all its minute details. Careful examination of site is crucial for validation of soil’s water-retention capacity, presence of hard & soft rocks and other significant attributes. The budding Civil Engineers can master the art of site inspection during their Internship Program where they get an opportunity to work on real-life projects and gain experience. Poornima University (in association with national companies such as TATA, Wipro etc) with its Jaipur Engineering College; has provision for various Internship Programs to help students get acquainted with the professional world.
  • Work Supervision: Yet another essential task of a Civil Engineer is to supervise work on a daily basis, that is, to ensure that the work is being done according to the defined plan (paper work). Also, to record the daily wages and work of the laborers is an important duty of Civil Engineers. Taking care of safety measures at the construction site is the principal responsibility of a Civil Engineer.

Nowadays, the Civil Engineers are in great demand with their entry-level average annual salary in the range of $52,000- $78,000. Thus, if you have good analytical skills and wish to contribute in the welfare of society through construction of useful structures, then, Civil Engineering is the right choice for you!


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