How to Get into Your First-Choice College?

A lot of time, hard work, and dedication is put into finding the right college for your undergraduate course. Plethora of students consider a million factors including the course, location, accreditations, finance, eligibility, and more to narrow down the options to the most preferred college. However, the real task in a student’s life is to get into his first choice college.

The cut throat competition amongst students has made it increasingly challenging to get into one’s first choice college; a student needs to stand out in terms of grades to enhance his chances of being accepted in his first choice college. It is important to have a high score to be able to get admission in your preferred college. In case of entrance tests, it is important not to take them lightly and perform well in the same. Ranks play a pivotal role at the time of admission in case of entrance tests. To get into your first choice college, it is important to have achieved a rank that makes you eligible for the same. In cases of interviews, it is suggested to be well prepared and have an extensive knowledge about the course you have applied for to impress the interviewer. Poornima University’s ‘School of Commerce’, one of the M TECH WITH JOB, offers admission on the basis of 12th grade scores (it also provides scholarship to meritorious students).

It is also suggested to understand the admission criteria and procedure of the college you prefer, in order to prepare accordingly. Different colleges have different admission processes and eligibility. It is also important to choose a course, considering the fee structure and affordability, location, faculty-to-student ratio, etc. while pursuing admission in a college. Making your presence felt during an interview enhances the possibility of being selected in a college. Therefore, a better understanding of the basic prerequisite essentials associated with your course is mandatory to be able to answer confidently during an interview so as to get into your most preferred college. Poornima University’s ‘School of Planning & Architecture’, one of the best architecture colleges in Rajasthan, approved by Council of Architecture (COA); offers its students with 6 months international internship programs, and placements in top notch companies with lucrative packages.

Getting into your first choice college might be a difficult task. However, with the right efforts and knowledge, it can be made easier. The process will require hard work and dedication, but will surely end with fruitful results!



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