Important things you must know about B.Tech

Engineers are the driving forces that make a nation. All the industries starting from automobile to the mobile are all dominated by the engineers. B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) is one of the most famous technical courses pursued all over India or it would not be wrong to say all over the world. There are several fields, which can be considered for pursuing Some of them are computer science, mechanical, electronic and communication, civil etc. One can consider his field according to his interest.


A professional engineer has the fundamental education and training to apply the scientific method and outlook to the analysis and solution of engineering problems. The duration of a B.Tech course is four years. Getting into an engineering college requires passing of the respective entrance exam. You should have a background of PCM (physics, chemistry, maths) in higher secondary for becoming an engineer.

India is a home to thousands of Engineering colleges; and Rajasthan is another emerging state in the field of engineering. Some of the best colleges from the list of Top Private University In Rajasthanare present in Rajasthan. Engineers earn lucrative salaries and have job opportunities in government, corporate, banking and private sectors. The process of getting into a program requires clearing of the entrance tests. The duration of this course is four years and consists of eight semesters in most of the colleges. There are several training and internship programmes offered during the course. One thing to keep in mind is that if you are enrolled in a good college, then you have more opportunities and will be available for in house placement programs. There are many placement programs organized in the final year or a year before that where you can grab a job.


Standing among the list of Top B.Com Colleges in Rajasthan, Poornima Group of colleges is one such college renowned for world-class education in the field of Engineering. Many IT firms are finding this Indian state as their nascent hub for technical advancement. Besides, PGC has been a consistent topper for several years in the list of campus placement records in Rajasthan.

A quality education in Engineering should help students get in touch with their capabilities and train them to make significant contributions in the advancement of engineering science or its applications.

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