Most Common Interview Questions for Mechanical Engineering Students (Thermodynamics)


The Interview Process for each one of us; be it be, an experienced professional or a fresher is always a bit intimidating. But the truth is that one has to face it at any cost, irrespective of the field or domain, one belongs to!

The Interview Process consists of the written test, Personal Interview Session (PI) and Group Discussions (GD). Let’s have a look at the most commonly asked questions during Technical Written Test for the job of Mechanical Engineers, one of the most sought-after branches of Engineering.

The Technical Test of budding Mechanical Engineers mainly emphasizes on the topic of ‘Thermodynamics’.  Poornima Group of Colleges, one of the top B. Tech Colleges in Rajasthan with track-record of Highest Placements since last 3 years; provides apt guidance to its students so as to get through the technical test round. Below is the list of frequently asked questions-

  1. What is the mathematical form of First Law of Thermodynamics? Write the integrated form.
  1. What is Entropy Generation? State its significance.
  1. What is the Second Law of Efficiency?
  1.           When does real gas behave likes ideal gas?
  1. What is the difference between Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics?
  1. What is the dead state in Thermodynamics?
  1. What is the formula that creates link between Thermodynamics and Electro-Chemistry?
  1. What are the Laws of Thermodynamics?
  1. What is the importance of Thermodynamics in Mechanical Engineering?
  1. What is Otto cycle and Carnot cycle?
  1. What is the Critical Point?
  1. What is Normal Shock and when it occurs?
  1. What are the initial conditions for formation of Shock Waves?
  1. What is Compressibility Factor and what is its value for Gander Walls Gases?
  1. What is Schimdt Plot used for heat transfer problems?

Once the candidate clears through the Technical Round, the next round he faces as part of the Interview Process is Group Discussion (GD), which requires good communication abilities along with the thorough knowledge of one’s subject. Poornima Group of Colleges, one of the top b tech colleges in Jaipur, with highest RTU Merits and led by a team of Industry-Experts; trains its students to perform well in one of the most crucial Interview Rounds- GD, which has a power to grab you the top-notch position in a company.

Last but not the least, to successfully get through the Interview, you need to maintain your composure and be away from stress and anxiety!





Are Certifications Important for a Good Job?


As soon as you start looking for a job or wish to change your field, the only thing that matters you, the most is your ability to present yourself as the best deserving candidate amongst others. In order to prove your potential and skills-set, there are a range of certifications available, which act as add-ons to your qualification and expertise. But thinking that any certification can guarantee you a good job is a misconception.


Let’s have a look at some of the Important Points to be kept in mind, while opting for a certification-

Individual Field – Many fields require Certifications for their job profiles. It is a criteria adopted for choosing the most desirable resumes. You need to do a thorough study about your field before you invest your time and money in any certification program. If your field requires certification, being a compulsory norm, then you must go for it! The experienced faculty of the best B. Tech colleges, particularly, B tech admission without jee ; help the young, brimming minds in selecting a profitable Certification Course.

Lucrative Salaries – There is always an uncertainty about salary package. You may get an immediate salary hike or you might end up with an average package. In such a case, you must give more emphasis to job designations and their respective requirements along with salary range. Search about people with similar job designation and find out about their qualifications, any add-on Certification and salary package.


Competitive Field– A countless number of candidates apply for the same job profile. In such a scenario, Certifications prove to be deciding factors for short-listing candidates. Certifications confirm your excellence and expertise in a particular field. Your experience coupled with valuable Certifications gives you an edge over others. India’s best engineering colleges including Poornima University’s ‘School of Engineering & Technology’- the Top b tech college in jaipur; provides its students with valuable guidance required for choosing a specialized Certification program.

Technical Advancement– Technology is ever-changing and gets updated every single moment! Thus, in order to grab the topmost position, Certifications play a key role. The constantly-evolving technology opens doorway to many specialized domains, which require professionals with add-ons of significant Certifications.

Last, but not the least, consider aforementioned points before opting for any Certification Course. Do a thorough research about job profiles and credibility of your Certification Program before taking any decision.

All That You Need to Know About Engineering!


B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) or B.E (Bachelor of Engineering) is one of the most sought-after technical professional courses of all times. The fact that the importance and relevance of engineers have not vanished since the past several years clearly depicts the significance of this field. Engineers play a pivotal role in the amelioration of the society. Engineers drive all the industries, starting from automobiles to computers. B. Tech program provides specialization in various fields.


Professional engineers possess fundamental knowledge and training that helps in the application of scientific methods, analysis and solution of a range of engineering problems. The duration of a B. Tech program is four years. Getting into an engineering college requires clearing an entrance exam. You need to have a science background with essential subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Maths in higher standards so as to pursue engineering at the undergraduate level. There are a number of engineering colleges all over India. Rajasthan, an emerging state in engineering sector; is replete with some of the esteemed engineering colleges. Thus, aspirants desire to get admitted in a top college in Jaipur Jaipur being the technology-center of Rajasthan.

The following are some of the fields, which can be considered while opting for B. Tech-

  • Computer Science
  • Electronics and Communication
  • Mechanical
  • Civil
  • Automobile
  • Biotechnology

Depending upon one’s personal interests, he/she can select the specific field in which they want to pursue the course. During this four-year undergraduate program, students learn about the basics of their field and theories pertaining to their respective areas of specialization. The graduates after getting their degree get campus placements in top-notch companies, depending upon how well they perform in their interviews and their semester exam results. A good institute is also responsible for the success of the candidates. If the institute is of high quality, then it will provide proper exposure to the students so that they can excel in their exams and interviews.

As discussed before about Rajasthan, being an emerging technology-centric state, there are many universities that offer high quality education in engineering. Poornima University, the b arch admission through jee score, helps its students shape their career and provides them with world-class facilities, campus placements and internships apart from overall personality development.

An engineering degree provides you with a wide range of job opportunities but in order to earn that degree, you require a lot of hard work and dedication. If you lack in logical reasoning, then engineering is surely not your cup of tea. But if you are ready to take the plunge into a career that guarantees you a bright future, then this is a course you should opt for!

Tips on finding a job after Graduation


The four years of bachelors degree of engineering involves a lot of hard labour and determination.After the completion of  engineering a stage is set for your professional career.You will start working where ever you get placed.The point of reference is ‘where you are placed’ and where you actually wanted to be . Everyone wants to get into a big shot company but they might end up at a place where they are not satisfied enough.

Being professionally satisfied is something that every working individual dreams about. But are we all satisfied with our jobs, salaries, company or positions? We often end up saying ‘NO’. Getting B tech admission without jee might be the first stepping stone towards success. Poornima University, awarded as the Best Upcoming university by ASSOCHOM, offers scholarship to meritorious students and also 100% admissions through JEE/REAP.

Let us discuss points that you can consider if you want to get into a big company from a smaller firm.

  • Knowledge: You should always keep updating your knowledge domain and try to work on new and latest technologies. You should keep yourself updated about the latest market trends. An advantage of small firm is that you get more work to do and you have better opportunities to explore. You just need to make maximum use of it.
  • References: We often tend to ignore this fact that references help. Big shot companies find easiest ways to shortlist the candidates.They don’t go through plethora of resumes and their vacancies often get filled up internally through their employees references.It is very important that you make connection through your friends ,acquaintances and professional social network sites like LinkedIn. It allows users to connect through their common professional backgrounds and people of various companies.
  • New technologies : One thing that can be considered is to learn new technology skills that offer better job opportunities.You can study about what are the various technical skill that your company is looking for, you can start working towards it and it might help you to get a job at big firm.
  • Higher degree: One option that you can consider is getting a higher degree. Go for specialisation courses through masters or There are many good colleges that offer tech with job assistance. It might help you to climb up the ladder of good opportunities.


Besides this, Certifications also play an important role while looking for a job. If your dream company needs certifications for your job then go for it. Clear the various levels of certifications that prove your credibility in that sphere and technical domain.It may give you an edge amongst your peers.

with job Tips to Crack a Job During Campus Placements?


B.Tech (Bachelors of Technology) is the most sought-after professional course. The best part about pursuing this course is that it provides you diverse options for setting your career on the right path.


If due to some reasons, you were not able to appear/clear entrance exams, then some good colleges also offer direct admissions on the basis of your Senior Secondary (12th) Exam Scores. India is replete with some of the best engineering colleges that provide young aspirants with a second chance to realize their dream of getting admission in B. Tech program. Rajasthan is one such state which is a hub of such engineering colleges providing world-class education. So, if you fail to clear/appear entrance exams due to some unfortunate reasons, don’t lose hope as you can easily get Direct B Tech Admission In Rajasthan on a condition that you score well in your 12th standard science stream.

Let’s have a look at campus placements and how to crack it.

  1. Grades: During the course, work well on your marks as the recruitment companies set a certain minimum percentage for appearing in their placement exams. Apart from getting job at top-notch company, your scores also help you take admission in M. Tech program. Pursuing Tech with job
  2. is quite common nowadays.
  1. Written Tests: It is important to start practicing aptitude, reasoning and English objective question as early as possible. The early you start practicing the better will be your speed and you will easily crack the written test.
  1. Group Discussion: Group Discussion involves a debate on a certain given topic. You need to be very attentive during this round. You need to mark your existence by giving inputs on that topic. Try to speak relevant things and leave a positive impression on the interviewers.
  1. Technical Interview: This is the next step for clinching the job. Be very thorough with the basics of your subjects. They generally test your basic knowledge with some technical questions pertaining to your field.
  1. Personal Interview: The last and the final step will be a personal interview where they will be asking you generic questions. Keep working on your communication skills and try practicing mock i terviews with your friends or other acquaintances.

Once you get a job then just go ahead and start riding up the professional ladder of success!




Why Choose a career in Fashion Designing


Many creative students long to pursue a career which is original, artistic and trendy! Some of them (unconsciously) begin their own training since childhood by designing their own dresses or accessories and get unknowingly enter the world of amateur yet talented designers.


What matters in this competitive world of vogue is if your talent and uniqueness will let you standout and let you mark your presence! Fashion designing as a career offers a wide range of professional roles to opt from: such as fashion designer, fashion photographer, sample machinist and pattern graders, and so on. It is important to know which course would you best fit in.

Poornima University, known for their industry-oriented Interior design course in jaipur can  prove to be a life changing opportunity by guiding you how, where and when to apply your talent to achieve the best possible outcomes. Fashion designing gives you the much needed opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and challenge you to grow/prove your worth as per rotating and fading trends.

Those who love to design but are not necessarily inclined towards fashion clothing can opt for courses in Interior designing. IF you are fond of constant changes to the look of your household, this is the right choice for you! All you need is to have a good sense of colors, contrast, and challenge your creativity and imagination. Poornima University, an award winning university for Best B Tech Colleges In Jaipur helps nurture the elementary skills required in this field.


Successful completion of the interior design courses provide you with various lucrative opportunity for self-employment and will widen up your career options like in architectural firms and construction companies, interior design companies, and events management companies, consultancies offering a wide portfolio of design services, retailers etc Other may include working as an exhibition designer, as a set designer for theater, and much more.



So, finally, you have a degree to add to your resume. Whether you have scored nicely or just managed to get passing marks is not a matter of concern for many recruiters (of course it is for some!) But the major focus of all the employers is that whether you will be able to add value to their organisation? And this is the reason why Human Resource Managers throw a volley of questions at you during an interview. The major question that often leaves you answerless is this; Why should we hire you?


Well! It is not a very easy question to answer for a fresh Commerce graduate who has absolutely no prior industrial experience except the summer training. Hold on!  You do not have to develop tonnes of tension. The recruiters are also well aware of the fact that you are naive to the industry and therefore cannot start providing brilliant ideas from the very first day of your joining. Thus, they mostly look out for the following traits in you:

  • Confidence
  • Subject-knowledge
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Flexibility to work in a team
  • Open mindedness
  • Receptiveness

Before you actually face the real interview rounds of a company during your placement process, it is always good to go for mock-interviews. The top colleges in India groom students well before they sit for final placements. The subject matter experts guide their pupils about the interview questions that can be asked. Also, they arrange for simulation activities related with the course as well as mock group discussions.

Talking about the career prospects of a graduate, one can go for the following fields:

  • Accounting,
  • Taxation
  • Banking and Finance,
  • Auditing, etc.

There are innumerable other jobs that you can take up after completing Poornima University; a prestigious top b tech college in jaipur holds campus placement program every year and many top recruiters visit the varsity to hire talent from the pool of graduates.


Thus, Commerce graduates have very good job prospects and there is a multitude of employment opportunities related to this domain. Hence, we cannot underestimate a degree as it opens the door to a bright future.